About Me

Born in 1998 in rural Kildare on the island of Ireland, Benjamin is a practitioner of image-based art, a visual researcher and writer.

Benjamins artistic practice is primarily concerned with the construction of open ended narratives that invite the viewer to speculate and reimagine ways of exisiting with the worlds many human and non-human inhabitants.  Working within the medium of photogrpahy, some of his sites of investigation include the geological sensitivity of the photograph and its ability to act as a material witness within the landscape, the dichotomies between rural and urban living, the capacity of the speculative landscape to act as a medium for self-expression and the fictionality of archives and memory. Throughout his work there is a desire to grow closer to these topics of concern while maintaining a sensitivity to the relation of positionally between maker, subject and audience. To this end, collaboration is increasingly becoming an integral element within his works lifecycle. Currently, Benjamin is working on the tension between seeing the same event from direct observation to mediated knowing, and the questions this raises on how photographs are implicated in this distancing between society and natures intrinsic cycles.

His work has been exhibited in Dublin, The Hague and Izmir as well as Nooderlicht photo festival in Groningen.



Open Call Norderlicht / Groningen, The Netherlands / Nov 2023

Everything That Melts Is About To Blend / The Hague, Netherlands / June 2023

Yolun Dışında Darağaç / Izmir, Turkey / Nov 2022

Natura / Soearth Projects, Kildare / May 2022

Nightlife / Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) & Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Feb 2020

Chaos & Order / DUPA Christmas Exhibition / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Nov 2019

Environment / DUPA & Environmental Society / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2019

End of Year / DUPA - The Copper House Gallery / Mar 2019

Self Love / Exhibition DUPA & Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) / Trinity College Dublin / Feb 2019

Celebrating Age / DUPA / Atrium Trinity College Dublin / Nov 2019

Identity & Discrimination / DUPA & SUAS / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2018

Depicting Protest / DUPA / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2018

End of Year / DUPA / Temple Bar Art Gallery / Mar 2018

Awards & Grants

Canon Student Development Award / 2023 

Agility Award / Arts Council Ireland / 2022

Belfast Photo Festival / Shorlisted / 2021